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NHS Schools - Latrobe


The NHS School in Latrobe opened its door in 2009 school year to cater to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. At the NHS School we provide a highly recommended quality educational programming in preparing our students for the future. Our programming is individualized to meet the needs of all the students we serve. In addition, we also provide programming to assist in teaching daily living skills, socialization, communication, executive functioning skills, self regulation and transitional skills to adulthood. We offer our students speech, occupational and physical therapy to increase their independence in communication and fine and gross motor skills.

The success of our students is demonstrated through personal growth and the development of peer relationships. The students gain valuable experience through our community involvement and volunteer work placements. Every day the NHS staff takes a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of how our students grow with each completed goal, overcoming obstacles or making new friends. 
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Ms. Sara's Classroom Visits Local State Park

Students from Ms. Sara's classroom took a field trip to Keystone State Park on Wednesday April 9 to complete a tree program organized by the park. In the weeks leading up to the field trip the students learned about the different trees in Pennsylvania and how to identify the trees without the leaves on the Smart Board. When the students arrived at the park they were greeted by a naturalist who guided them on a nature hike through the park and were able to learn about the different types of trees. Some of the trees the students identified were the Eastern Hemlock, Dogwood, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Alder, and Birch. The students enjoyed being outside and they learned so many cool facts!

NHS School Latrobe Classroom Visits Local State Park

Light It UP Blue 2014

NHS School Latrobe Draws a Cityscape We celebrated Autism Awareness throughout the school last week. The students decorated the hallways with blue puzzle pieces and had all the lights changed to blue lights. On April 2, everyone participated in Light It UP Blue by wearing the color blue. The school will continue to support Autism Awareness throughout the month of April. One of the staff members made ribbons for the school to wear all month long and the students in Miss Cindy's room are researching about Autism and will be writing a book report on their findings to share with the whole school.

Drawing a Cityscape

Ms. Sara's classroom learned about perspectives and how to draw a cityscape using a vanishing point this week. The students started off by watching a three minute video on what a vanishing point is and why it helps in drawing perspective. Next, they completed a free draw exercise to warm up their hands. After they finished their free draw, they utilized the smartboard and followed the video step by step. The students used a ruler and a pencil to complete their cityscape. After they were done doing a pencil drawing, they finished the final copy with colored pencils. The students did a great job and the pictures turned out great.

NHS School Latrobe Draws a CityscapeNHS School Latrobe Draws a Cityscape

Learning about Dinosaurs

The students explored the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs last week, including what dinosaurs ate and the difference between herbivores and carnivores. Next, they learned about dinosaur sizes, to get a bigger picture they took measurements in the hallways, they figured out some would not even fit in their school. Using iPads, they were able to dig up bones and play dinosaur matching games. The week ended with an art project, making dinosaur bones from paper mache.

NHS School Latrobe Learns about DinosaursNHS School Latrobe Learns about Dinosaurs

100 Days of School

NHS School Latrobe Classrooms Celebrate their 100th Day of SchoolOn February 10, Miss Holly and Miss Kelly's classrooms celebrated their 100th day of school with fun and educational activities revolving around the number 100. Some of these activities included 100 exercises during morning opening, 100 day stories and sequencing activities, counting out candies in groups of ten to equal 100, and a scavenger hunt where students found 10 groups of 10 items to create a 100th day poster. All of the students enjoyed all of the activities and learned a lot!

Watching the Olympics

NHS School Latrobe Watches the OlympicsMiss Cindy's classroom watched and learned about the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia the past two weeks. The students were kept up-to-date on how the United States was doing by posting the medal count in the hallway of the school on a daily basis. Their favorite events to watch were hockey, bobsledding, snowboarding, and ski aerial jumps. The students were very impressed with the athletes and their events and have enjoyed watching the Olympic Games.

Basketball Season Begins...

Basketball Season Begins at NHS School LatrobeWe had the first basketball game this past week at the Clelian Heights School. The students have been showing vast improvements in their skills and abilities, running plays, stealing the ball and shooting baskets.

Practices are held at the local YMCA, who donates time to them weekly. They have a varsity team for ages 15-21 and a Junior Varsity team for students ages 12-14. The students on the team love playing and are excited for their next game at Clairview Intermediate Unit.

Students Purchase Items for their Café

NHS School Latrobe Students Purchase Items for their CaféThe students in Ms. Sara's classroom went to Walmart in Greensburg, PA to purchase items for the Cosmo Café and Skill Development Center in Greensburg, PA this week. They made shopping lists and withdrew money from the profit box before they left. Then they went shopping for supplies at Walmart and purchased the items at check out.

The students worked on many skills while on their shopping trip, including, walking through the parking lot, pushing the cart through the store, finding items by looking at the signs in the aisle, and locating exits and restrooms. When the students arrived back to the Café they took inventory on all of the items they purchased. It was a long day, but the students enjoyed the opportunity to take ownership of their business.

NHS Schools Herminie and Latrobe Kick off Basketball Season

NHS Schools Herminie and Latrobe Kick off Basketball SeasonNHS Schools Herminie and Latrobe kicked off their 2014 basketball season at the YMCA in Greensburg, PA on January 10 with their first practice. The YMCA has donated their gym to the basketball team for practices one hour per week. The students, 14 years of age and older, practice their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. The team plays several games throughout the winter months against other local schools.

This is a great opportunity for the students to develop gross motor skills, provides an opportunity for the students to feel like a valued member of a team, and develops sportsmanship.

Miss Cindy's Class Operates a Pizza Shop

The students in Miss Cindy's class created a pizza shop for all the staff and students to order from. The students are showing great improvements with their jobs. They are responsible for sending out the pizza, collecting the money, counting the money, calculating how many pizzas are needed, calling in the order to the local pizza shop, and serving the pizza to the staff and students for lunch. The students are comfortable with their responsibilities and are able to complete the tasks either independently or with minimal prompts. This is a great way to increase independent transition skills for students just starting their transition goals. Miss Cindy's students love operating the pizza shop and look forward every week to doing their jobs!

NHS School Latrobe Class Operates a Pizza ShopNHS School Latrobe Class Operates a Pizza Shop

Thanking Our Soldiers

The students at the NHS School Latrobe took the time to thank our dedicated members of the armed services this holiday season. The students wrote letters and drew pictures thanking the soldiers for their work and wished them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NHS Latrobe Students Thank Our Soldiers

Enjoying the Holiday Season

NHS School Latrobe students held a Christmas dance filled with music and food, and decorated a tree at the Ramada Inn in Greensburg for the annual Parade of Trees. They decorated the tree themed "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" and also got to play in the snow!

NHS School  Latrobe Enjoys the Holiday SeasonNHS School  Latrobe Enjoys the Holiday Season

Annual Thanksgiving Feast

The NHS School Latrobe had their annual Thanksgiving feast on November 22. The students and staff helped prepare a meal for family and close friends. The students performed short poems and presentations to show their thanks for all of the things in their lives. Everyone enjoyed the day as a great way to start off this holiday season!

NHS School Latrobe Hosts Annual Thanksgiving FeastNHS School Latrobe Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Making Electricity

Ms. Cindy's autism class has been learning about electricity through a science experiment by attempting to make a light bulb light up using lemons, wires, and paper clips. The students then compared if the electricity is stronger with the lemons or with a battery. The students were able to place the wires into the lemons and have the opportunity to place the wire to the light bulb to conduct an electrical current. Both students and staff enjoyed the experiment and the students were able to see how much fun science can be!
Latrobe ScienceLatrobe Science

Learning About Safety in the Workplace

The NHS School Latrobe students have been working on safety in the workplace by putting together some authentic pictures of work place safety concerns that come up throughout the day and putting a PowerPoint presentation on safety in the workplace. This is a great opportunity for students to learn firsthand about safety and to continue to work out this skill throughout the rest of December.

safety safety

Local Fire Department Visits Our School

As a culminating activity for fire safety month, the NHS School Latrobe welcomed their local fire company for a visit. Our students explored the trucks, took a spin around the parking lot and shot water out of the fire hose.

Fire DepartmentFire Department

Touring the Giant Eagle Food Store

latrobe-storeAs part of our transition lesson this month, students from Miss Holly's class at NHS School Latrobe toured Giant Eagle in Greensburg. They learned so much about healthy food choices and appropriate behavior while shopping.

Annual Parents Open House

he NHS School Latrobe had their annual parent open house on October 10. A total of 15 families came to visit the school. The parents were able to view the students work and accomplishments so far this school year, as well as talk with the teachers and aides about the classroom. Snacks were available, as well as information about the curriculum and activities and events for the school year. It was a very enjoyable night and a great opportunity to build relationships between the staff and the families they serve.

open house

Student Election

Miss Cindy's classroom at NHS School Latrobe is having their first annual student election. The students are running for president, secretary, treasurer and council. The students have been busy making campaign posters and writing their speeches. They will give their speeches to all of the classes next week. The election will be held on Election Day, November 5. This is corresponding to their unit on the Untied States Government. Good luck to all of our student candidates!

student electionstudent election

NHS Schools Transition Students Attend Training

The NHS School Greensburg, Herminie, and Latrobe transition students attended a student training on the topics of health care, time management, and community-based services presented by Three Rivers Center for Independent Living (TRCIL). The students received great information on advocacy and health care, health and nutrition, communication with health care providers, using time wisely, and how to use community-based services. They teamed up and worked together in hands on activities and games.

Celebrating Unity Day

The NHS School Latrobe celebrated anti-bullying on October 9 by wearing the color orange and orange ribbons that had the word 'Unity' written on them. Ms. Sara's classroom read "The Ant Bully" to Ms. Kelly's and Ms. Holly's Room, and participated in a coloring activity that related to anti-bullying and Unity Day. All of the students had a great time!

Celebrating Unity Day

Baking Bread

NHS School Latrobe Bakes BreadNHS School Latrobe Bakes BreadThis week at NHS School Latrobe, the students in Ms. Sara's classroom learned how to make homemade bread. They started with a small list of ingredients and transformed the list into a yummy creation.

The students learned how to knead the dough, put it into a baking pan, and how to ensure it bakes for the correct time in the oven to avoid burning. They also learned that making bread might be more cost effective than buying it.

After the bread cooled, they sliced it and made grilled cheese and tomato soup! This was the students' favorite part of the home economics lesson!

Our Students Learn A Valuable Lifetime Skill

NHS School Latrobe transition age students were excited to participate in job interviews at the beginning of the school year. The students were given the opportunity to apply for jobs posted for the Snack Shack or the school newsletter. Students learned about job interview questions, dress protocol, and when to show up for their interview. At their assigned times, students were taken to an office in the school to conduct their interviews. It was exciting to see them dress and act professionally! The students will receive verbal and written notices as to the hiring decisions made by the managers of the Snack Shack and newsletter.

Good luck to all of the students who interviewed this week and congratulations on learning new skills towards being successful!

NHS School Latrobe Students Learn Valuable Lifetime Skill

Welcome Back, Students!

The NHS School Latrobe welcomed back all their students on August 26. Everyone was excited to get back into their school routine. Ms. Sara's classroom practiced breathing and calming techniques, and listened to relaxing music, while picturing themselves lying in the sand on the beach. The students also participated in an art lesson where they drew what they had pictured in their minds. They used colored pencils and practiced shading dark and light with different amounts of pressure. All of students did a wonderful job practicing these important visualization techniques.

NHS School Latrobe Welcomes Back Their Students

Learning about Banking

The NHS School Latrobe students are learning how to save money in a bank. Miss Cindy's students earns points throughout the day for positive behaviors such as, completing work tasks, helping in the classroom, being a good friend to their peers, exhibiting self-regulation and using their modulation chart. At the end of the day, the points are changed into money values and the total is added. The students deposit their earnings into the classroom bank as well as on a check register. The class is working towards earning a party when everyone in the class earns $200! This is a fun way to learn about the banking system and the importance of saving money, as well being accountable for their actions in the classroom.

NHS School Latrobe Learns about BankingNHS School Latrobe Learns about Banking
In the fall of 2011, Jobe enrolled in the NHS School Latrobe. He was having difficulty with social interactions with his typical peers at his home district school, life skills, splintered academic skills in math and writing and lacked appropriate behaviors and coping skills when frustrated. When Jobe began at the NHS School, he would engage in self-injurious behaviors like hitting his head and leg; hiding under his desk to avoid the non-preferred task; and refusing to start or complete work that required writing or math. He would completely shut down and put his head on his desk refusing to talk or ask for help. Jobe also had difficulty sitting in a chair for an extended amount of time and would get up and wander around the classroom and cafeteria.

The teachers at the NHS School began to work with Jobe on self-regulation skills and hidden curriculum when frustrated using the ECLIPSE program. Jobe started to learn how to ask for help when he didn't understand the task. He began to trust the staff (which was a roadblock in his learning at first) and became comfortable talking to them about what was bothering him. He started to make friends at the school and learned that he shared many interests with the other students.

Today, after a year and half at the NHS School, Jobe has shown progress. He is able to apply the coping skills that he is learning to overcome frustrations and will ask for help when he doesn't understand the work. His writing has improved along with his spelling. He has increased the time he is able to sit at his desk and will follow independently with each lesson. He is also striving to master transitional skill within the community to gain independence. He has even shown his humorous personality by telling the staff and students jokes throughout the day when appropriate.

We, at the NHS School Latrobe, are very proud of all the success Jobe has accomplished since he has been with us. Jobe will continue to develop and use the skills that he is learning at NHS while in school, at home, and in the community.
Take a walk around our school and in the classroom!

Sensory Room at NHS Latrobe

The NHS School in Latrobe opened its doors in 2009 with a state of the art multi-sensory room that was donated by our community partner Kennamental Corporation. The sensory room is designed to meet the individual needs of our students by addressing visual, auditory, tactile, proprioception, vestibular, motor, cognitive, communication and socialization skills.

Some of the key highlights and benefits of the multi-sensory room include:
  • Lighting has been designed to calm and relax students who may be sensitive to overhead indoor lights
  • A fiber-optic wall carpet which provides calming visual and tactile benefits
  • A large bean bag with a mosquito net, providing a quiet place for students to sit
  • An interactive bubble tube that produces soothing bubbles and sounds
  • A large bean bag, called Somatron, used for relaxation, auditory stimulation, and sensory input
  • An on-site projector used to show various calming images to create a more relaxing environment
  • A rock wall to address visual planning, motor coordination, and gross motor skills
  • A Smart Board
  • A Hop Scotch Pad that includes musical squares
  • A swing which provides vestibular input that result in calming or alerting effects.
Helen Tautkus-Berry

Name: Helen Tautkus-Berry
Title: Educational Director
Email: HTBerry@nhsonline.org
Phone: 724-424-9185
School Address: 224 St. Cecilia Road, Latrobe, PA 15650 (view map)
School Phone Number: 724-424-918
Archived News from School Year 2012-2013

First annual Movie Night Under the Stars
On Sunday, August 4, the NHS Schools celebrated their first annual "Movie Night Under the Stars" at Lynch Field in Greensburg, PA. The community gathered together with chairs and blankets for a big screen viewing of Madagascar 3. Our guests enjoyed FREE popcorn donated by the Courtyard Marriot in Greensburg, PA and purchased delicious treats from our snack booth.

Special thanks go to Advanced Visual Solutions for donating the screen for the event. Additional thanks goes to the Texas Roadhouse, Manor Grille, Progressive Dental Studio, Aw Else Boutique, A Plus Affordable, Superior Caulking, Five to Nine Refrigeration, and Sheetz for sponsoring our event.

We look forward to bringing the community together again next year for another "Movie Night Under the Stars."

A Visit to the Zoo
On July 10, the students and staff from NHS School Latrobe visited the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. The zoo is home to thousands of amazing animals representing more than four hundred species, including 22 threatened or endangered species. They were able to see their favorite animals up close and personal! They enjoyed learning about the animals and seeing them in their natural habitats located in various parts of the world.

NHS School Latrobe Visits the ZooNHS School Latrobe Visits the Zoo
Hosting a Restaurant for a Day
The NHS School Latrobe held their first Restaurant for a Day event on June 5. The students in Miss Cindy and Miss Sara's classrooms began their preparations for this event two months ago by planning the menu, preparing the decorations, and practicing their jobs. The students were assigned to be cooks, cook assistants, waiters, hostesses, and servers. The cafeteria was transformed into an Italian restaurant. The other classrooms were given reservation times to come eat. When they arrived, they were greeted by the hostess and taken to their seats.

This was a great opportunity for all the students to work on essential restaurant skills. The classes learned how to wait in a restaurant after giving their orders while the older students learned how to take orders, fill the orders in the kitchen, and serve the order to the customers. They also learned how to work as a team to complete a task. The event was a success and everyone had lots of fun!

The NHS School Latrobe Hosts a Restaurant for a Day
Prom night
Students from NHS School Herminie and Latrobe enjoyed a night of dancing, food, and socializing at their 2013 Prom, held at the Southwest Greensburg Fire Hall. The theme of this year's prom was the Moonlight Masquerade. The students were announced by the DJ as their friends and families took pictures. The students enjoyed a made-to-order pasta dinner and dancing the night away with a live DJ.

Prom night at the NHS School in Latrobe Prom night at the NHS School in LatrobeProm night at the NHS School in Latrobe
NHS Schools Latrobe and Somerset Held Fourth Annual Field Day
NHS School Latrobe and Somerset held their fourth annual field day on May 17. The theme for this year was Fun Fitness Boot Camp. The students participated in a variety of exercises and activities related to an army boot camp. Special guests Sergeant Fassl, Sergeant Ritter, and Sergeant Belajac from the local US Army Recruiting Station attended and handed out medals and took pictures with the students.

Thank you to the parents and special guests for helping celebrate another fun filled field day!
fourth annual field day
Visiting Idlewild Amusement Park
NHS Schools Somerset and Latrobe attended their annual picnic at Idlewild Amusement Park on May 24. The parent-teacher organization provided a luncheon for all the staff and students. Despite the cold weather the kids had a blast on all the rides and enjoyed playing games.
amusement park
Movie Night Under the Stars 2013

Please join us for the BIG SCREEN viewing of 'Madagascar 3'

Sunday, August 4th - Rain Date, August 11th
Showtime 8:00 -10:00 p.m. at Lynch Field in Greensburg, PA
Admission is FREE - however - DONATIONS are welcome at entry!

For questions, please contact:
Cori Shepler
- Phone: 724-600-0120 | Email: CShepler@nhsonline.org

All funds received will benefit enrolled students at the NHS Schools.

Attending a Concert
NHS School Latrobe attended a Storm Chasers Concert at the Greensburg Salem High School in Greensburg, PA, which was presented by the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra. The concert was an assortment of classical music by several composers such as Vivaldi, Strauss, Beethoven and Wagner and revolved around the weather. The students really enjoyed listening to the music and having the experience of sitting in a large auditorium with many other students.
NHS School Latrobe Attends a Concert
NHS School Latrobe participated in their annual bowling field trip on April 19, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization. The students had the opportunity to use bumpers or a ramp to assist them. Staff members challenged the students to a bowl off, and the students won! On this field trip, students learned the importance of team work, taking turns, and social interaction skills. Afterwards, the Parent Teacher Organization provided a pizza lunch for everyone back at the school.

Everyone had a great time!
"Pete the Cat" visits NHS Schools
Students from the NHS Schools Herminie, Latrobe, Ellsworth, and Greensburg gathered in Herminie's cafeteria on April 12 to watch a special performance of "Pete the Cat," presented by Stage Right Productions. The students were given a ticket for admission as well as snack tickets upon entering the theater. Some students worked the show as ticket collectors or at the concession stand serving drinks and snacks. After the play was over, all the students enjoyed a pizza party and socialized with their friends.

Pete the Cat visits NHS Schools Pete the Cat visits NHS Schools
St. Patrick's Day
NHS School Latrobe celebrated St. Patrick's Day on March 15. The parents sent in several green treats for the students to share and enjoy. The students learned about traditions from Ireland and played such games as "Pass the Blarney Stone". The students also enjoyed listening to Irish music while dancing the Jig.
Latrobe celebrates St. Patrick's Day
NHS Schools go Skating Together
Students from the NHS School Latrobe and Herminie joined together at the Latrobe Skating rink on Friday, March 8, for a day of fun. Some students roller-skated independently around the rink, while others decided to sit in a bucket on wheels and be pushed around the room. They also participated in relay races, the hokey-pokey dance, and arcade games. The students and staff had fun mingling with each other!
NHS Schools go Skating Together NHS Schools go Skating Together
Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday
Miss Kelly and Miss Holly's classrooms celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday last week with a theme party that related to all of his books. The students practiced their cooking skills by making a birthday cake, a pink drink, fish Jell-O for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and green pudding with a vanilla wafer on it to look like Green Eggs and Ham. The students participated in activities such as jumping on a trampoline for Hop on Pop, and read The ABC Book on the IPad.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
The ABC Book - by Dr. Seuss Latrobe Celebrates Dr. Seuss' Birthday!
celebrating Valentine's Day iPads for our Classrooms!
The Parent - Teacher Organization held a luncheon for all students and staff to celebrate Valentine's Day. The students participated in Valentine Bingo, Pin the Lips on the Heart, arts and crafts, and passing out Valentine's cards.

Music and dancing were also enjoyed at the party and everyone felt the love all day!
  The NHS School Latrobe is proud to announce the arrival of new Apple iPads for each classroom.

The Latrobe school is using this technology to enhance the current curriculum, therapy services, and learning strategies.

Thank you to the generous Latrobe Parent Group who provided the funding for the iPads through numerous fundraising activities!
Valentine's Day at Latrobe School   iPads for Latrobe School
Miss Sara's class Works on their Pre-Vocational Job Skills
Miss Sara's class at the NHS School Latrobe is working on their pre-vocational job skills by participating in the YMCA and St. Vincent De Paul's volunteer work placements programs.

Students work on daily job skills such as cooking, sweeping, mopping, delivering the mail, and various office skills. The students are doing a great job using what they learn in school and apply it to a community setting.
Miss Sara's class Works on their Pre-Vocational Job Skills
Students Fundraise for Sandy Hook
Students at the NHS School Latrobe made paper snowflakes as part of a fundraiser for the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. The students enjoyed making beautiful snowflakes and learning about helping others.
fundraiser for Sandy Hook
Basketball Practice Starts at the NHS Schools in Latrobe and Herminie
The NHS Schools in Latrobe and Herminie held their first practice for Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball season. The students really enjoy playing the sport and look forward to going every Tuesday at St. Vincent College. Students are showing a lot of improvement in their third season of playing. The first game of this season was held Friday, January 18. Go Blue Tigers!
Basketball Practice Starts at the NHS Schools in Latrobe and Herminie
Getting Crafty for the Holidays
Classrooms at the NHS School Latrobe participated in a Christmas door decorating contest this month. Students created themed crafts including Santa's Workshop All Lit Up For Christmas, Gingerbread Lane made with cinnamon paint and Hershey Kisses, Charlie Brown's Christmas drawn by one of the older students, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and a beautiful Christmas Tree filled with Christmas Kindness for all.
NHS School Latrobe Gets Crafty for the Holidays 1 NHS School Latrobe Gets Crafty for the Holidays 2
Latrobe Students Venture to the Mall
Students from the NHS School in Latrobe participated in their annual holiday mall field trip sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization. The students had the opportunity to ride the train, visit with Santa, shop for the holidays and have lunch with their friends.

The students and staff at the NHS School in Latrobe wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!
Latrobe Students Venture to the Mall
NHS Schools are in the Giving Spirit
NHS Schools in Herminie, Latrobe and Greensburg are going to be volunteering for the Salvation Army during the month of December.

The older students have been researching how the Salvation Army began, their mission, the key people involved with the growth of the organization, and where the money is donated, while the younger students are listening to stories about how their donations help others.

Some classrooms have already started volunteering by collecting donations outside of Wal-Mart.
NHS Schools are in the Giving Spirit
Generous Gift
The NHS School Latrobe was given a monetary donation from the local Brothers Fraternity of Eagles. The donation was given to the Parent Teacher Organization of the school to assist in holiday gifts for all the students and classrooms. We would like to express our deep appreciation to the Eagles for their generosity.
NHS School Latrobe Receives Generous Gift
Latrobe Tours Local County Courthouse
Students from the NHS School in Latrobe had the opportunity to tour the local county courthouse on November 27. The Sheriff spoke to the students about guns, strangers, bully prevention, peer pressure, community safety, and explained the different government positions. The students got to experience being hand cuffed, placed in a holding cell, and what it would be like to be placed on trial. This tour gave our students the opportunity to experience a lifelong learning lesson. Thank you to the county courthouse for this great educational opportunity!
Latrobe Tours Local County Courthouse Latrobe Tours Local County Courthouse
Latrobe Students Participate in Transition Program
Throughout the month of November, students from the NHS School in Latrobe participated in a transition program to learn about safety at home and in the community, and telephone skills. The students had the opportunity to practice answering a door to strangers and/or someone they know and practiced making reservations at a restaurant.

The students went to the local mall and worked on following directions, ordering lunch, identifying employees badges in various stores, safety on elevators and escalators, and locating the directory, customer service , first aid and security.
Latrobe Students Participate in Transition Program
Our School Partners with St. Vincent College
The NHS School in Latrobe partnered with St. Vincent College drawing class by inviting the St. Vincent students to come to their classroom and draw portraits of the students. This gave the students an opportunity to meet and interact with the St. Vincent students and to see what a college art course was all about. When the self portraits were complete, they were given to the students to take home. The NHS School and St Vincent college will continue to collaborate together to benefit our students in Latrobe.
Bully Prevention Month
During the school year the NHS School in Latrobe participated in Unity Day for "Bully Prevention Awareness Month". The students and staff participated in supporting anti bullying by wearing orange. Throughout the year the students continue to learn ways to stand up to others that bully.
Fire Department
During the month of October the NHS students from the Latrobe School visit the Whitney Fire Department to tour the facilities and to learn about fire safety. The students have the opportunity to see different fire trucks, try on uniforms, speak on the radio and utilize the heat sensors. The Whitney firemen are always very helpful and attentive to all of our students. Everyone enjoys the day and have a great experience in learning about fire safety.
Hiram G. Andres Center
Students from the NHS School in Latrobe tour vocational placements and college opportunity throughout the school year. The students visited to Hiram G. Andrews Center. They were given a tour of the college including seeing a dorm room; the laundry room; cafeteria; certain classrooms; and the recreation room. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions about college life and taking classes. After lunch, the students were able to go into the gymnasium to talk to each department and gather information on different careers and financial aid. This was a very informative field trip and the students learned a lot.