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NHS Schools - York


The NHS School York is a Licensed Private Academic School that educates students with an autism diagnosis from ages 5 – 21. We have also started a program that we are very excited about – Building Bridges. This program focuses on girls with an emotional support need, providing them an academic structure as well as the emotional support needs that are unique to each one. Within our program we offer a transition service where the older students learn the skills to go into the community and volunteer on job sites, learning the work related skills to continue after school in the work force. Our classrooms are a 1 teacher to 8 student ratio with the support of classroom assistants and/or personal care assistants.
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Fall Yummy Treats

Briana, one of our students in the Emotional Support classroom has shown an interest in creating yummy treats. With assistance from her teacher, Ms. Hoffman, Briana has used her listening and math skills to prepare numerous delicious treats to be shared with the entire school throughout the Fall. From grape snakes to caramel apples to ice cream, she keeps us coming back for more. Thank you for fulfilling our sweet tooth cravings, Briana!

Fall Yummy Treats Fall Yummy Treats Fall Yummy Treats

Go Fish!

Evan, a student in our Transition Program, earned the privilege of adding fish to the classroom fish tank. Evan worked hard to clean the school's old fish tank early in the school year. He set up the fish tank, completed research on which fish thrive in fish tanks, and compiled a price list for the fish. Evan then submitted a written proposal to the school's Director of Operations detailing multiple reasons there should be an active fish tank in his classroom, including the calming effects of fish tanks. After all his hard work, Evan's proposal was accepted! He was able to go on a field trip to the fish store and chose fish to add to his classroom fish tank. We thank you, Evan, for all your hard work and dedication in caring for the fish!

Go Fish! Go Fish!

A Fresh New Look

Students returned back to school for the 2014-2015 school year on August 20, 2014. In preparation for the new school year, we had the inside of the building painted and the floors refinished. Our returning students are joining in the excitement of our fresh new look! In addition to a new look, we welcomed one new student this year as well. School year 2014-2015, bring it on!

A Fresh New Look A Fresh New Look A Fresh New Look
under construction!
Take a walk around our school and in the classroom!


Name: Jeffrey Mack
Title: Education Director
Email: Jeffrey.Mack@nhsonline.org
Phone: 717.892.2304
School Address: 3151 West Market Street  York, PA 17403 (View map)
School Phone Number: 717.792.2304
Archived News from School Year 2013-2014

A Visit from Micah

The NHS School York students were told a story about Micah M, now 11 years-old, who was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease when he was five. This is a disorder affecting blood flow to the hip. It caused him constant pain and eventually led to surgery and a specialized brace and wheelchair. Micah received a special blanket, made of fleece, which he draped over his legs to help him feel like others were not staring at him. He was so appreciative of the blanket, he decided he wanted to help others out as well and he started making the blankets and giving them to children in the Pediatric Unit at the York Hospital.

After hearing Micah's story the students were very interested in hearing more and asked if he could come in and talk to them. Micah was thrilled to be invited, so on April 4 Micah visited the NHS School York and taught the students how to make a blanket out of fleece. One of the students, Evan, gave Micah 191 loom bracelets that he made for him to hand out when he delivered the blankets. To thank Micah for visiting, the students gave him a hand painted Autism Awareness t-shirt. It was a great learning experience for everyone and they will continue this community outreach by continuing to make blankets for Micah to deliver.

NHS School York Receives a VisitorNHS School York Receives a VisitorNHS School York Receives a Visitor

A Generous Donation

The West York VFW has again made a very generous donation of $500 to the NHS School York. This money will go toward the end of the year community picnic.

NHS School York Receives Generous Donation

Partnering with Local High School

Last year our school was asked to do a presentation about autism at the West York Senior High School. The West York Senior High School classroom then came to our school and did various social skills activities with the students. It went so well that they decided to do the activities again this year. Along with the presentation and school visit, they will be adding an afternoon in the park and picnic in the spring.

NHS School York Partners with Local High School

Helping out at Food Bank

Our school sends a few students every day to help at the York County Food Bank as part of their transition program. Some of the students' duties include unpacking boxes, sweeping, organizing shelves and preparing donations. Every Friday the food bank hands out bags of donations to members of the community who are in need. The Friday before Christmas they knew the Food Bank would be extra busy so they took some extra students to help unpack boxes and hand out bags of food.

NHS School York Helps out at Food Bank

NHS School York Helps out at Food Bank NHS School York Helps out at Food Bank

Sending Thanks to Supporters

The students made holiday decorations as a thank you to those who have supported their school all year. They created homemade snow globes, cookies, cards, and tree-shaped rice crispy treats. They gave them to van drivers, their parents, and also sent cards with special thank you notes in them to stakeholders and donators. Thank you to all the community and families that have supported NHS School York this year!

NHS School York Sends Thanks to Their Supporters NHS School York Sends Thanks to Their Supporters

Local Social Club Supports NHS School York

Local Social Club Supports NHS School YorkThe Liberty Fireman's Social Club in York, PA generously put out a box for members to donate items to the NHS School York. The box was filled with construction paper, poster board, stickers, crayons and several snacks. When the School Director, Amy P., went to pick up the items she was surprised by a monetary donation of $500.

A special thank you to the Liberty Fireman's Social Club for supporting the NHS School York!

Cooking Fridays Come to NHS School York

The NHS School York created a special day of the week called Cooking Friday. Recently, each student created pizza by rolling out the dough, spreading the sauce, sprinkling the cheese and toppings and cooking it in the oven. Once finished, the students are also responsible to clean up the items they used to prepare the food and putting them back in their place. The students were excited to share their creations with each other and are always asking what they are going to cook next.

Cooking Fridays Come to NHS School York Cooking Fridays Come to NHS School York

NHS School York Assists in Preparations for a Halloween Parade

The students at the NHS School York visited the York Revolution Stadium to assist with preparing for the Halloween Parade for the second year in a row. The students have been partnering with this baseball team for about a year and were excited when a new project was presented. The students taped pieces of candy to informational flyers about the baseball team to be used by the team to hand out during the Halloween parade. After all their hard work, the students were able to play on the stadium's playground and have lunch in the picnic area.

NHS School York Assists in Preparations for a Halloween ParadeNHS School York Assists in Preparations for a Halloween ParadeNHS School York Assists in Preparations for a Halloween Parade

Student Visits First Graders as Part of his Transition

As part of the goal for a least restrictive environment at the NHS School York, one of the student's, Gaige, visits a first grade classroom to be a helper at a local elementary school. He visits the school's classroom two days a week for over an hour, showing flashcards to the students, and helping sort and hand out papers. He attends special programs with the students and is an assistant to the teacher. He reads to the students, does math practice and has taught a mini math lesson to the entire class at the front of the room. This has been a great lesson to prepare Gaige for a transition back to his home school district when he is ready!

NHS School York Student Visits First Graders as Part of his Transition NHS School York Student Visits First Graders as Part of his Transition

Evan T. Enters the Job Force

The NHS School York Transition Program has provided Evan T. with the opportunity to be the first York student to enter the community in the "Job Force." Every Wednesday, he goes to a local restaurant to prepare for their Wednesday evening buffet. He sweeps the floors, wipes down the tables, sets all the place settings with placemats, silverware and napkins. He puts all the salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup containers on the table as well. He also wraps silverware and fills the drawers for the evening wait staff. Congratulations to Evan for a job well done, and good luck as he continues to put skills learned to good use.

Evan T. Enters the Job Force at NHS School York Evan T. Enters the Job Force at NHS School York

Pop Tab Recycling Program Comes to NHS Schools

All of the NHS Schools worked together to collect pop tabs to be a part of the Pop Tab Recycling Program. The program, through the Ronald McDonald House, generated money from the pop tabs to keep the Ronald McDonald House open, lights on, and heat running! Our Schools collected 46 pounds of pop tabs (1,267 pop tabs per pound), and it was exchanged at .50 cents per pound to receive $23.00. The NHS Schools will donate this money to the Ronald McDonald House and will continue to collect pop tabs throughout the rest of this school year.

recycling program

NHS School York Thanks York County!

NHS School York Thanks York County!The students at NHS School York want to extend their gratitude to the NHS York County office for allowing them to use their air conditioned van during the hot summer months.

To show their appreciation the students, after pool play, remained outside to wash the van.

Archived News from School Year 2012-2013

Celebrating Light It Up Blue

The students incorporated Light It Up Blue into their life skill activity, April 2. They made Jell-o Jigglers, cut them into squares, put them into sandwich bags, then punched holes in the bags and weaved blue ribbon through the holes and tied tags with information about autism onto the bag. The students distributed the bags to their van drivers and parents. Sue R, a teacher, and Amy .P, the director, delivered the remaining bags to individuals that support the York school throughout the year.

Light It Up Blue 2013 Light It Up Blue 2013 Light It Up Blue 2013

A Generous Donation

ZumbatomicAmy Parker, director of the NHS School York, humbly accepted a $2,000 donation from Chaplain Curt Ferree, a board member from the West York Volunteer Fire Department Post #8951. The money will be used to complete the last stage of the transition/school-to-work room for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Thank you West York Volunteer Fire Department Post #8951 for your generous donation!

Miss York County 2013 visits our school

Metro Bank in CarlisleMiss York County 2013, Laura Traub, spent time with students at the NHS School York. Laura has a special interest in Autism Awareness and sat with the children, listened to them read, helped them with math and enjoyed lunch with them. She spoke to the students about the pageant and her platform goals, explaining her story and how she became involved with Autism Awareness. She even took the time to show the students her crown and sash and let the students and staff members wear them!

Holiday Donations

NHS York School Receives Holiday Donations The NHS School York has been very involved with the "Shop with a Cop" program throughout the month of December. As a final donation before the holidays, three organizers from the program brought each NHS School student a ham or turkey, a five pound bag of potatoes, and a grocery bag filled with canned vegetables and fixings to make a complete holiday meal. The students were very excited and grateful to make a meal with their families.

Thank you "Shop with a Cop" for your very generous donations and for helping to create an exciting holiday season for our students.

Making Inspirational Crafts for Students and Families of Connecticut Shooting

NHS York School Receives Holiday Donations In light of the recent events in Connecticut, the students and staff at the NHS School York worked together to make inspirational crafts to send to the families of the victims of the Connecticut school shooting tragedy. York School Students made many snowflakes for Sandy Hook so the students there can have a winter wonderland at their new school. Students also made a poster of a large burning candle, with an inspirational statement that was signed by all the students and staff.

Thank you NHS School York for your efforts to help a grieving community.

Students Offer Help to Community during Holiday Season

York Students Offer Help to Community during Holiday Season Students at the NHS School York offered their time and services to help busy shoppers during the holiday. During the week of December 17 community members, families, and friends dropped off their gifts that needed to be wrapped and envelopes that needed to be stuffed and stamped for the students to prepare.

Special thanks to Engles and Fahs Electrical Contractors for donating all of the tape and labels.

School Receives Donation

York School Receives DonationThe NHS School York has diligently been working on creating a welcoming environment for the School to Work Classroom for 18-21 year-olds. FOAK (Friends of Amazing Kids, Inc) has graciously donated the funds to supply carpet for two of the rooms in the building, completing the Transition Room.

Shop with a Cop

On Tuesday, December 11, 13 students from NHS School in York participated in Shop with a Cop day, an annual giving event sponsored by the West York Neighborhood Watch Block, which brings together area community members and volunteers to donate time and funds to children in need. This year the students were given $150 gift cards to shop at Target.

Volunteer community members, including members of the animal rescue center in West York, the local Sheriff's department, the Borough police department, adult probation and members of the Watch Block, were split up into groups and given carts to fill with the students and their families. After the shopping was complete and students had cashed in their cards, a local pizza shop donated pizzas for after the event.

To show their appreciation to the groups that were kind enough to volunteer their time and their funds, our students spent the week preparing various thank you notes, including cards with personal sentiments and Christmas designs. The students also used their life skill activity time to make cookies, decorate and package them. A local farmer donated about 80 gourds to the students and throughout the week during art and preferred activity time, the students were able to decorate all of the gourds with markers and kind words. The students were able to present their gifts of thanks to their partners in shopping and other adults who came to support this evening during the pizza party.

Through the connection between the Watch Block Program and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots the students will also be receiving a new bike, if needed and a new coat for Christmas. On Friday, December 14, each student will receive a large box with a turkey or a ham, a bag of potatoes, and cans of vegetables to take home for their families to prepare a Christmas meal.

The students will be thanking the West York Neighborhood Watch Block and members of the VFW by inviting and cooking a holiday meal for them next week. The students are very understanding of the importance of our friendship with these groups and are very eager to decorate, cook and feast with our friends of West York.

Shop with a Cop 1 Shop with a Cop 2 Shop with a Cop 3

Shop with a Cop 4

The NHS School York Prepares Breakfast to Show their Thanks!

The students at the NHS School in York prepared a special breakfast to say goodbye to a Therapeutic Staff Support who is volunteering for the Peace Corps after spending the past two years with NHS.